Monday, 2 July 2012

Vera Meijwaard

Collection: Renaissance of The Abundance



Design vision
Virgin Mary embodies the perfect dream. Inspired by the cult of the virgin I designed a collection of shoes that has the idea of ​​hyper-decoration and transformation as a common denominator. By translating elements of her cult into a new visual language, I express my desire for its bygone splendor. Design to me is an artistic expression, in no way reconcilable with concessions aimed at functionality. My shoes are meant as a source of inspiration comparable to what haute couture is to fashion.

Born: 1988 Naarden NL
Vera was an intern at Viktor & Rolf and had an extra training as an Artisanal Shoe Maker at the Dutch health Tec Academy
Contact and information:

Research and Inspiration
What triggers me is image. From an early age on Roman Catholic imagery enchanted me. I have always been attracted to glitter, and with the Catholics glitter is what you get. It’s a multi layered way of storytelling that somehow makes it convincing. Last year I started my research on the portrayal of the Virgin Mary. I focussed on the 4 issues: halos, the interaction between the Virgin and the Holy Spirit depicted as a dove, the use of flowers in relation to Mary and vows gifts. How to translate these features into a contemporary vocabulary? I used some of the curves of the depicted doves as a starting point for the shape of my shoes. By cutting, sampling, mirroring and rotating details of contemporary images of Mary I found the material for my prints. I make sketches, but at soon as I know what I want I start making it.

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