Monday, 2 July 2012

Renee Verhoeven

Collection: Concealed Layers of Product Life

Design vision
Products generally are constructed in layers, each having its own function. These functions are quite often made invisible by techniques that are applied on a microscopic scale. As a result the products skin, its outer layer, is unable to express what going on inside. This obvious disconnection or lack of communication incented me to experiment with the relation between function and materialization. For my collection of gloves I translated the autonomy of the skin into material. In my wires I visualized the mobility and dynamics of energy transmission.   

Born: 1989 Heesch NL
Renee was an intern at Studio Joris Laarman and will continue her studies and the Royal College of Art in Londen/MA Design Products
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Research and Inspiration
It was an idea I nurtured for a long time: making the outer layers of a product expressive for its interior, the way it functions and the scientific knowledge that it materializes. Of course this is a very abstract idea. I realised that it would be hard to give it a convincing substance. I was strengthened in my belief when I came into contact with the work of Kevin Ashton and his ideas on the internet of things. What gave my research another positive turn was my participation in the design contest of Vera Pelle Italiana Conciata al Vegetale (the Genuine Italian Vegetable-tanned Leather Consortium), a group of Tanners in Tuscany, Italy.  I decided to design gloves with the anatomy of the human skin as a point of departure. For research purposes I study and in a next stage I work more or less directly with materials, cutting, pressing and folding them, making little use of sketching as an intermediate. Working directly with materials is what I like and has shown to be very fruitful to me.

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