Monday, 2 July 2012

Milou van den Berg

Collection: Fashion Pitch

Design vision
My collection of wearable ladies sneakers is derived from my research on the relation between sports and fashion. I focused on the aesthetic image of a sports sneaker to create a fashion sneaker. As a shoe designer I try to bring the worlds of fashion and sports together.  What is important to me is to approach the well-known sneaker in a new way by making an unconventional use of materials, techniques and closures and by rethinking the use of colours. 

Born: 1990 Zeist NL

Milou was an intern at Macintosh Retail group/Trends and Styling and had an extra training Artisanal Shoe Making at the Dutch health Tec Academy
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Research and Inspiration
In the second year of my studies here in Arnhem I attended a workshop of two members of the design staff of the Spanish shoe firm Camper. Students were asked to design a flat heel shoe. For this workshop I took the sneaker and the traditional brogue as sources of inspiration and tried to mix them. Combining and mixing different spheres of style is something I like, a field of research and inspiration I'm still exploring, also for my graduation project. I want to be a commercial designer, making wearable shoes that look good and sell. My ambition is to work for a company at the development department for techniques and materials.
I generally start my research by drawing with an illustrator program.  The next step is to make samples of materials such as lycra and mesh. Then I start drawing by hand, because for me drawing by hand is a way to think and to come to a clear understanding of what I am doing. This all ends with a series of prototypes. For the shoes of my Fashion Pitch collection, inspired by sports and fashion, I predominantly made use of fabrics, restricting the use of leather to certain details. It’s the fabrics that dominate my collection of new looking sneakers.

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