Monday, 2 July 2012

In memoriam Wilma Sommers

photo Ivonne Zijp

In Memoriam Wilma Sommers. 

In February this year Wilma Sommers, our head of programme, passed away. Wilma had a formative influence on our school and on what we are today as designers. We are all very thankful to her and deeply regret her loss.

The graduates of 2012

Milou van den Berg
Angela Donkers
Eric Hullegie
Thor ter Kulve
Vera Meijwaard
Jasper Nijs
Nienke van de Pol
Mick van der Pluijm
Anne Quakernaat
Maykel Roovers
Mark Sturkenboom
Casper Tolhuisen
Renee Voorhoeven
Frank Verkade
Steven Visser
Nienke Voorintholt
Luuk Wiehink
Job Willemsen

Bar Slecht/Bar Bad a project by Hester Oerlemans and Wilma Sommers 1997-2002 photo Rijk Willemse

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