Monday, 2 July 2012

Anne Quakernaat

Collection: Eat Me

Design vision
My work is a fusion of Design and Food. Important themes to me as a designer are temptation, desire, greed and longing.  They all inspire my collection and are epitomized to their full by candy. Nearly everyone as a child underwent the magic of the brightly coloured goodies.  Can the spell of candy reside in its sweet sugar alone? As far as I am concerned it must come from what I just mentioned: temptation, desire, greed and longing.

Born: 1988, Gorinchem
Anne was an intern at Studio Skujeniece
Contact and information:

Research and Inspiration
I want my designs to make people enjoy simple sensory pleasures such as drinking a cup of tea and having a bite. My research is all about finding enticing colours and shapes. In designing my collection of porcelain table ware I tried to work out a set of organic forms.  For this I filled balloons with wet plaster, shaping them with wire. When dried I made casts that are at the basis of my present collection. The colours I use are inspired on the colours of candy. Sweets are an important source of inspiration to me. I make them myself and part of my presentation at the graduation show will be necklaces made out of candy and rings crowned with a candy jewel, dispensed from a vending machine.

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