Monday, 2 July 2012

Mick van der Pluijm

Collection: ShowOff

a, b and c: Thistle
d, e and f: Rooster
g and h: Man
i and j: Woman
(production titles)

Design vision
Classic porcelain epitomizes to me what I feel lacking in today’s world: class, excess, luxury and wealth. With the past in the back of my mind I look for these qualities in the present. One of my objects of study is traditional table ware. With the chopped up pieces I build new entities. The result is a series of show pieces that flirts with yet another past: the language of Memphis that came to the front in the eighties of the last century.   If only for its smug, cocky and obtrusive aura, Memphis as a design movement is of mayor importance today. It’s time to do it all over again, this time better.

Born: 1989 Raamsdonk NL
Mick was an intern at Studio Lenneke Wispelwey
Contact and information:

Research and Inspiration
My research starts with observation, thinking and drawing. I do all my drawing with my computer. My graduation collection originated in the discussions I had with my teachers. They said I had a propensity towards the classic, alleging this was somewhat odd. Were they right? I like the classic, but always in combination with the modern. At one point during all these discussions I decided to turn the putative oddity of my taste to my advantage and to make full use of it. I started to deconstruct classical flower decorations that can be found on  porcelain to the point where I transformed them into assemblies of coloured squares. These deconstructions are the starting point for my research on colour and the use of colour in my designs.  In a similar way I deconstructed the forms of household and kitchen tools. The result was a set of shapes and curves I use as a basic vocabulary for shaping my chandeliers and lighting applications.

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