Monday, 2 July 2012

Luuk Wiehink

Collection: Supermarket My Hardware Store

a:ANDRELON structure vase
b:DOVE structure vase
c:OMO odor
d:SUNIL odor

Design vision
My collection stems from my research into the possible uses for already existing products. By regarding finished products as semi-finished products and ignoring their conventional functions, I discover up till now neglected quality’s which I use for designing new products. My collection shows how we could put to use for practical purposes the enormous amount of packaging waste that comes from supermarkets. Plastic trays can be transformed into toys, plastic bottles, once grinded, into a series of new interior products.

Born: 1986 Losser NL
Luuk was an intern at Studio Tjeerd Veenhoven
Contact and information:

Research and Inspiration
Last year I started making little boats from plastic waste. It was my plan to collect all the plastic refuge in one of the parks of this town and to transform it into an armada. Visitors of the park would one morning find my fleet swaying in the central pond. I never realized this plan. I got ill, but after recovering the plan to re-use plastic waste never left my mind. The ecological necessity of re-use is obvious. I want to show plastic waste is a valuable material that by the help of rather simple techniques can be transformed into a variety of products. I grind my plastic in an old kitchen blender and rebuild a grill oven I bought in a second hand shop to heat and mould. My plan to mould trays containing food in the shape of toys would take no more than changing a template in the factory that produces the trays. I plan to start talking about its realisation with a Dutch super market chain before the end of this summer.

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