Monday, 2 July 2012

Casper Tolhuisen

Collection: Cooking Applications


a: barbecue pot
b and c: güveç
d, e and f: still 
g and h: smoker(cold)

Design vision
As a designer I’m interested in industrial techniques for processing food and beverages. Designing to me means experimenting with commonly available materials, products and objects such as flowerpots, pans, tableware, adhesive tape and chicken wire. My smoker was created by stacking flowerpots. I rediscovered the principle of smoking and gave a new direction to the use and aesthetics of the flowerpot. Creating my smokers, güveçs and stills I rely on food processing techniques that partly went into disuse. In a pleasant way I try to reintroduce these techniques into our kitchens and back gardens.

Born: 1983 Breda NL
Casper was an intern at Studio Erik Jan Kwakkel/DTILE we tile the world
Contact and information:
Research and Inspiration
I’ m an enthusiast when it comes to the preparation and conservation of foods. My research on new products generally starts with something I find in a newspaper or on the internet, something that catches my mind and incites me to do research. After studying I start to build experimental set-ups. These set-ups normally do not meet my standards of functionality and looks. From this point onwards I start fine tuning. I work on the functionality. My smokers and stills are contraptions of various materials: glass, porcelain, rubber, stainless steel etc. To make it all work the way I want takes a lot of effort and study. The aesthetic side of it is of no less importance. It has to have a fresh and robust look, expressive for what I as a designer stand for.

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